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Welcome to Talos Safety Systems

Talos is a range of guarding systems and wireless roller doors manufactured and distributed in the UK by Kyrus Limited. Designed utilizing unique aluminium extrusions, standard and bespoke designs are available and are produced in accordance with the latest health and safety regulations.

The Talos Safety Systems has taken specific design criteria to achieve the following goals;

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Floor and platform mounting with adjustable post location attachments.
  • A range of dedicated and special purpose designed access, loading, and hi-speedoperating roller doors.
  • Strong, rigid and durable.
  • Window, solid, and mesh panels.
  • Aluminium profiles housing electrical safety equipment.

Striking look, to produce that impact "First Impressions Count" you build a quality system and often the guarding is of secondary importance, but it is the first thing that your customers will see.

We can also fulfil every aspect of protecting your machine and provide all associated services including supplying interlocks, light guards, operator switches, and HMI panel all fitted within the aluminium extrusion posts.

The Aluminium profiles are eye-catching and will not rust, no welding or painting is required.

Our panels and posts are easily replaced if damaged, or if any modifications to the cell layout are required, constantly keeping the quality image of the capital investments, hence why we place great emphasis on the Flexibility and Quality of the Talos Safety Systems, Premier Range.